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his new room

when was the last time you were excited about a new phone?

The days of double-digit smartphone growth are over — and the next decade may start to see smartphone sales decline. From roughly 2007 until 2013, the smartphone market grew at an astonishing pace, posting double-digit growth year after year, even during a global recession. Worth reading. Phones are now ubiquitous and almost everyone who wants once has one. Growth will be in the next billion users once they have 4g data networks, not new phones to the existing billion users. From We're No Longer in Smartphone Plateau. We're in the Smartphone Decline.

using my Moka to make coffee was the way I started the day for years

Bialetti, the Italian maker of the moka pot, a stovetop coffee machine and one of the most iconic kitchen appliances ever created, announced recently that the company is in major trouble—tens of millions of Euros in debt, unpaid salaries and taxes, revenues that are way down and look to be staying It's not espresso and it can not match the creme you get from even a $300 low end nine bar espresso machine, but the Moka is great way to make coffee. The trick it to use cold water, room temperature beans, low heat on the stove and stop the brewing before the coffee gets to a boil. Those basic steps and you'll have a great cup of coffee every time for the cost of a $30 pot. From The Humble Brilliance of Italy's Moka Coffee Pot

Hot Chicken and live country music in Nashville.

QA engineer walks into a bar...

Eggnog yogurt. Who would do such a thing?


From xkcd: Popper Falsifiability fail.